The festival

The urge to live and to create appears where borders are rising. Borders that separate countries, people, different ways of thinking, types of expression, forms of art and culture. A world broken down to different ones. And at the core is the youth. Young people who want to live together. To defy the boarders, and meet each other. #SKG Bridges Festival is our contribution to what we mean with the word “together”. All forms of art together. All young people together.

#SKG Bridges Uprising Art & Culture Festival is a cultural festival for young people, which takes place in Thessaloniki, as an initiative of the Social Policies Office of the Prime Minister. The aim is to achieve the collaboration between cultural institutions, creative groups and initiatives of the city and the involvement of artists from Southern Europe, who want to form and create new groups and unities. For a common future.


Life Events

Communication Administrator at #SKG Bridges Festival

Adrianos Trikas-Pandis

Production Administrator at #SKG Bridges Festival

Matoula Koutsari

Co-ordinator at #SKG Bridges Festival

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