A Red Thread 2, 2019


Nebojsa Milikic


Saturday 11 May
11:00 - 12:00


Library of Ano Poli

A Red Thread 2, 2019

Lecture-Performance by Nebojsa Milikic (and one opposing character)

Nebojsa Milikic (Belgrade, Serbia)

MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts


After the guided tour through the History Museum in Stockholm and many tours through the XX century suburbs of Belgrade, the (alleged and disguised) history teacher from the socialist Yugoslavia takes you on a tour through the permanent exhibition of a museum in Thessaloniki. The tour focuses on the leftist/Marxist view to history driven by a class struggle imposed and practiced with more or less sincerity and functionality in the educational system of the socialist Yugoslavia. (There is also a contrasting character accompanying the teacher – a young cultural-policy professional from Easter Europe, please ignore it.)



Nebojša Milikić (1964). Cultural worker and producer, lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1990 engaged in political activism, organizational, artistic and curatorial practice in visual and relational arts, independent research, writing and debating about cultural and social problems. Participates in number of independent research projects and activist campaigns in his country and abroad. Since 1999 onward works in Cultural Center Rex in Belgrade, as the initiator and coordinator of various programs and projects. Member of the initiative No To Rehabilitation and the non-governmental cultural organization ReEX, dedicated to struggle against historical revisionism and negationism.

Program curators:

Yannis Bolis-Domna Gounari, art curators, MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts