#Brainstorming, meeting of artists centred in Thessaloniki


Various composers & performers


Saturday 11 May
19:00 - 20:30


Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki

#Brainstorming, meeting of artists centred in Thessaloniki

This concert is an artistic meeting of Greek composers and performers who, starting from Thessaloniki, advanced their studies and careers abroad.

With this project we aim to contribute to the contemporary music scene of Thessaloniki, while supporting and promoting the work of the younger generation of Greek composers and performers.


Composers: Theodoros Gougousoudis, Stylianos Dimou, Ioannis Gerhard Paul, Eleni Ralli, Zesses Seglias, Alexandros Spyrou

Performers: Maria Anissegou (cello), Jannis Anissegos (flute), Nike Lada (voice), Theophilos Sotiriadis (saxophone)

Production: Delian Academy

Curation: Eleni Ralli, Alexandros Spyrou