Thessaloniki State Conservatory


Friday 11 May - Friday 11 May
11:00 - 13:00


Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Building Μ2)


GREECE – State Conservatory of Thessaloniki


Chamber music ensemble Irene Gabrielidou

Konstantinides (1903-1984) – Dodecanese suite for violin and piano

Carpathos Song

Song and Dance of Rodos

Leros Dance

Koutsaliaris Spiros violin, Kiriazopoulou Iliana piano

Konstantinides (1903-1984) – Dodecanese suite for violin and piano

Pastoral of Calemnos

Rodos theme

Song and dance from Rodos

Nachmias Elias violin, Venioti Stavroula piano

Apostolis Koutsogiannis, Ivy – Concerto for Qanun and String Orchestra

Veni Argiriou qanun, Tsakalidou Christina violin, Chaloulakou Anastasia violinί, Chaloulakou Efstratia chello, Vasilis Papapanagiotou viola, Lygia Milia double bass


Chamber music ensemble Erato Alakiozidou

Saxophone ensemble SAX NOUVEAUX, a 10minute concert program influenced by traditional music.

Supervising professor: Giorgos Lygerides, saxophone professor SCT


CYPRUS –  Department of Arts European University of Cyprus

Guitar Trio/Quartet

Art direction: Timotheos Stylianides, Dimitris Souroullas, Johny Antoni, Dimitris Paschali

Charlton, Partial Eclipse (quartet) 3’

M da Falla, Danza del Molineno (duet) 3’

Brower, Micropieza No. 5 (duet) 4’


Saxophone quartet

Art Direction: Dr. Giannis Miralis

Karl Tipp soprano saxσοπράνοσαξόφωνο,

Vasiiki Siafaka alto sax,

Christos Papadopoulos tenor sax,

Giannis Miralis baritone sax

Songs for Tony – Michael Nyman


Collaboration of Cyprians with the “State Conservatory Saxophone Orchestra (class of Theofilos Soteriades)” on the course of contemporary music.

Conducting Dr Giannis Miralis


Konstantakou Antonia, soprano- alto sax

Fotiades Antonis, soprano- alto sax

Panousaki- Velliki Eleni, alto sax

Pantos Aristeidis, alto sax

Soteriades Theofilos, tenor sax

Kaiafas Nikos, tenor- baritone sax

Pallas Giannis, baritone sax

Karl Tipp, soprano sax

Vicky Siafaka, alto sax

Christos Papadopoulos tenor sax


Duets & Trios (Violin- Piano, Flute- Piano)

Christos Rotsakis, bassoon

Maria Antoniou- Cheimonidou, piano

Ivor Foster, op 10, #2, Rondo


A. Mozart, Bassoon concerto in Bb major, K 191/186e

Missoua Al Tawil, violin

Maria Abraam, flute

Maria Antoniou- Cheimonidou, piano


Shostakovich, Five pieces for two violins and piano (performed for flute, violin & piano) 12’

Prelude; II. Gavotte; III. Elegy; IV. Waltz; V. Polka

Maria Abraam, flute

Maria Cheimonidou, piano


Rutter, Suite Antique 13’

Prelude; II. Ostinato; III. Aria; IV. Waltz; V. Chanson; VI. Rondeau

Missoua Al Tawil, violin

Maria Antoniou- Cheimonidou, piano


W.A. Mozart: Sonata for piano and violin KV301 in G major

Allegro con spirito

Franz von Vecsey: Valse Triste for violin and piano

Edward Elgar: Salut d’ Amour for violin and pianο


W. von Gluck: “Melody” from the Opera “Orfeo” transcribed for piano and violin

Winds ensemble:

Maria Abraam, flute,

Christos Rotsakis, bassoon,

Dimitris Paschali, clarinet,

Kiriakos Argirou, clarinet,

Karl Tipp alto sax,

Vasiliki Siafaka, alto sax,

Christos Papadopoulos, tenor sax

Giannis Miralis, baritone sax

Deniel Pavlovskiy, double bass

Mostafa Ali, percussion


Schindler’s List (violin solo, Missoua Al Tawil)

Each time you tell their story

Three Czech folk songs


SERBIA – Music School “Davorin Jenko”

Orchestra of the “Davorin Jenko” Music School

Anika Goldner (violin)

Anđela Kovačević (violin)

Jovana Kovačević (violin)

Nikola Mićević (violin)

Milica Petrović (violin)

Nađa Blagojević (violin)

Violeta Ćirić (violin)

Milica Tomašević (violin)

Anja Stanojević (violin)

Anastazija Skorupan (violin)

Tomislav Savić (violin)

Teodora Radosavljevic (viola)

Evgenija Stoicev (viola)

Tijana Mančić (viola)

Tara Gajić (violoncello)

Dunja Vesić (violoncello)

Tamara Zdravković (violoncello)

Veljko Cakić (double bass)

Conductor: Nenad Petkovic

Rajko Maksimović: “Concerto non grosso”

Svetislav D. Božić: “Views from Kalemegdan”

Jeff Manookian: “Armenian suite” III movement

Participating the actors Ioanna Payiataki & Tassos Rodovitis from the National Theatre of Northern Greece

The Thessaloniki State Conservatory

The Thessaloniki State Conservatory was founded in 1914, two years after the liberation of the city, as an initiative of the prime minister Eleftherios Venizelos, a fact that points out the importance of the existence of such a foundation in the just liberated city.

It is the only public Conservatory in Greece and is supervised and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Students enter the conservatory after passing the entry examinations. The studies are free.

In its long history the Conservatory has contributed the outmost to the cultural development of the city, contributing to the establishment of important cultural Foundations, such as the Thessaloniki State Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Thessaloniki Opera etc. Among its directors and professors were famous artists and educators. Students who have graduated from the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki had a distinguished carrier as soloists, composers, researchers, professors or music educators, in Greece and all over the world.

Its library is one of the most important musical libraries in Greece and has rare and original material.

The Thessaloniki State Conservatory, since its foundation in 1914 is a powerful cultural and educational pillar not only for the city of Thessaloniki, but also for the whole country.

During a calendar school year, the State Conservatory organizes numerous masterclasses and concerts with eminent Greek and/or foreign musicians, with a variety of interesting subjects, addressed not only to students but also to a wide audience of the friends of music of the city.

In the last four years, the T.S.C. organizes with great success an educational forum, where the lessons take place in an alternative approach. Seven days filled with workshops, concerts, lectures, improvisations, where professors, students and parents, but also the important guest musicians and educators of the city of Thessaloniki and Greece, exchange opinions and offer their knowledge and experience about education and the art of music. In order to gain a deeper awareness and better ability for cooperation, the professors leave their “class” and transfer their propositions to the Concert Hall of the State Conservatory, “Melina Merkouri”. A fruitful dialogue tries to give answers on matters that the students are in search of.

The T.S.C. has a strong cooperation with most of the cultural institutions of the city and Greece generally, emphasizing its constant and intense presence to the cultural life of the city.

The annual concert, organized since seven years now in cooperation with the Megaron (Music Hall) of Thessaloniki and the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, is one of the most beloved and important events of the life of the Conservatory. Young talented students perform as soloists, after being chosen with an internal competition. The income of this concert go for the Conservatory and the participation and interest of the audience of Thessaloniki is great.

The T.S.C. supports various creative initiatives of its professors, such as the ensembles in residence: The Symphonic Orchestra of Chamber Music, “Contra Tempo”, conducted by Vladimiros Symeonidis, the Choral Musical Ensemble “Voci Contra Tempo”, conducted by Sophia Gioldasi and the String Ensembe “Rotonda”, conducted by Irina Dragneva.

The T.S.C. offers its cultural work also to sensitive social groups and spreads the musical education to the city, organizing educational programs for primary and secondary schools.

The success of the T.S.C. is supported also by the voluntary offer of its human sources – the teaching and administrative staff as well as of the students and their parents.