Babis Venetopoulos and students


Wednesday 08 May - Sunday 12 May
10:00 - 23:00


Thessaloniki seafront (Macedonia Pallas Hotel), Garden of the Afternoon Sun,To Pikap, Cafe-Bar-Radio-Records

A video-installation

by the New Media Lab at the Faculty of Fine Arts, School of Visual and Applied Arts, AUTh

Babis Venetopoulos


Thessaloniki defines an important urban centre for the intersection of various civilizations. The city’s position on the map highlights its role as a place of interrelation, dialogue but also as a passage of migratory flows.  Its historical wounds are many and could have influenced the city’s present social and economic crisis.

The Faculty of Visual and Applied Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is a core of creation and communication among young people, promoting and sustaining the artistic production of the city. New media technology works in the hands of students as a powerful tool of creation characterized by immediacy and dynamism.

Bridges festival provides an opportunity for residents and visitors of Thessaloniki to enter into dialogue with works by young artists, students and graduates of the Department, resulting from the experimentation and research of the New Media Workshop in Fine Arts, in a video installation-intervention in the public space of the city: an empty space, which must be at the disposal of everyone who could add meaning, according to Lefort’s utopian interpretation.


Participating artists: Giovanna Antoniou, Rafaella Giapountzi, Costas Gkourtzis Costas Grammadas, Aurelia Kavaliaouskaite, Yannis Karavassilis, Andrianna Koumentakou, Philippe Laferier, Sophia Makridou,  Eleni – Anna Barba, Pantelis Xenophontos, Filli Olsefski, Eleana Pappa, Stephania Patrikiou, Sophia Persengidou, Theodora Prassa, Athanasios Sampaziotis, Eusevia Sergidou, Maya Djuric, Giorgos Togias, Yannis Hantzidis, Maria Hoira, Anna Houholi.


New Media Lab, Faculty of Visual and Applied Art s, School of Fine Arts, AUTh

Director: Giorgos Katsagelos

Teaching-research staff: Giorgos Katsagelos (professor), Thanassis Pallas (Associate professor), Babis Venetopoulos (Assistant professor), Stelios Dexis (Assistant professor),

Specialized teaching staff: Yorgos Drosos