Full Body Weaving*, 2019


Ina Valentinova


Wednesday 08 May
16:00 - 21:00


MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts,Pier A' (Port of Thessaloniki)

Full Body Weaving*, 2019

*It is just like full body workout, only that you get to learn something that your grandma used to do

Durational performance

Ina Valentinova (Sofia, Bulgaria)


Full Body Weaving:

  1. Relax your whole body. Feel the sun, the wind and the smell of the sea.
  2. Stretch your arms to the front.
  3. Lift you left hand.
  4. Lift your right hand.
  5. Catch the rhythm of the others.
  6. Throw the ball of yarn.
  7. Gather your hands in your body center.


Full Body Weaving is a way to understand the action of weaving. Enlarging its rhythm on a bigger scale and devoting our whole bodies into it. When zooming in this process we understand the ancient course of creating a new piece of material out of consistent connection of a thread by practicing our great patience and sense of detail. Weaving itself is a shy, silent, inner process. You may be annoyed by the sun in your eyes. Or the people passing by. But you may also find your center and disconnect the environment by the repetitions of this sacred act.



Ina Valentinova was born in Ruse, Bulgaria (1995). She works and lives in Sofia. She studied fine arts at the Minerva Art Academy, Croningen, The Netherlands (2014-15), printmaking and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland (2017-18). Since 2015, she studies textile art and design at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. She participated in many group exhibitions in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, India, Egypt and Hong Kong. Her first solo exhibition entitled Flying Jellyfish and Fragrant Cakes, was held (2012) in Arhis Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria, with the support of the Amorpha Youth Foundation. She works and creates workshops in the field of illustration, textile, street art and art in public space. She is interested in many topics, but mainly in the concepts of animism, relations between people and their environment, and spirituality.

Program curators: Yannis Bolis- Domna Gounari, art curators MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts