Giuseppe Ielasi (IT), Acte Vide (GR), Eventless Plot (GR) – Granny Records


Giuseppe Ielasi (IT), Acte Vide (GR), Eventless Plot (GR) - Granny Records


Friday 10 May
21:00 - 23:00


MOMus – Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Giuseppe Ielasi (IT), Acte Vide (GR), Eventless Plot (GR)

Granny Records

On the second edition of the SKG Bridges Festival, Granny Records will present to the public of Thessaloniki, two days of experimental electronic music. At the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki concerts from artists and musical groups will be hosted, namely Acte Vide, Eventless Plot, Savvas Metaxas, Spyros Emmanouilidis, Giuseppe Ielasi and Lucrecia Dalt. At the same time throughout SKG Bridges Festival a graphic exhibition of Granny Records’ visual identity, will be hosted at Ypsilon under the supervision of the graphic designer Giorgos Vourlidas.



Granny Records is a record label, based in Thessaloniki Greece, which aims to highlight the sound works of experimental artists within the range of free improvisation, noise, electroacoustic composition and contemporary electronica.

Granny Records was founded in 2008 and operating since then by Spyros Emmanouilidis, Savvas Metaxas, Vasilis Liolios and Aris Gkiatas, while the lable’s visual identity is under the supervision of the graphic designer Giorgos Vourlidas.

Active since 2008, Granny Records has a continuous flow of music editions and events, exhibitions and workshops, providing a multicultural channel of expression and exchange of artistic ideas for the city of Thessaloniki.

Giuseppe Ielasi

Giuseppe Ielasi began producing music in the early ‘90s as a guitar player in the European free improv scene, but has long since been known primarily as a deeply skilled producer of inventive elecroacoustic music. He has also run several labels (Fringes,  Bowindo, Schoolmap, and currently Senufo Editions)  and thus was steadily mixing and mastering records for others.  Ielasi has cultivated not only a keen ear for nuance, but an aesthetic of sonic space that lends itself well to manipulations in the tradition of musique concrète, a tradition that explicitly downplays, indeed seeks to abolish, the origin of a sound in favor of an openness to sound-in-itself.

Acte Vide

Acte Vide (“empty act”) is the elusive electroacoustic duo project of Yannis Kotsonis and Danae Stefanou. Active since 2006 as an improvisatory unit, they persistently explore noise and silence in ever-changing real-time formations, usually unrecorded, and often in ad-hoc dialogue with other musicians, visual artists and directors. Past commissions include collaborations with Raed Yassin (Irtijal & Borderline 2019), Vicki Bennett (In Mute 2014) & Tarek Atoui (Locus Athens 2015), as well as live improvised soundtracks for Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin (Goethe Institut Athen 2016) and early French animation films (Festival du Film Francophone 2013). The duo has appeared in numerous performances and installations in Greece, Italy, the UK & Ireland, and has participated in several international festivals (Borderline, Moving Silence, ΜΙR, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, etc). They organize and convene improvisation and active listening workshops for children and adults in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as residencies on sound art and site-specific sonic experimentation in the island of Syros, Greece, having hosted over 100 artists in the past seven years, including David Toop, Graham Lambkin & Aine O’Dwyer, Michael Pisaro, Mike Cooper and many others. Their first and only CD, Noeud, was released on Moremars in 2011, while the majority of their early releases from 2006-2013 are available for free download on

Εventless Plot

Eventless Plot borrows elements from different genres and aesthetics to build their own hybrid of sound. Formed in Thessaloniki in 2002 by Vasilis Liolios, Aris Gkiatas and Yiannis Tsirikoglou, the trio exhibits great attention to sonic details expressed in different forms of experimentalism. From free impro and noise to new electronica, electroacoustic composition and jazz, their music remains always unconventional and contemporary. They use a variety of instruments, analog sources, field recordings and Max/MSP patches. Eventless plot have several releases in their archive including “ikon” (Granny records 2009), “Recon” (Aural terrains 2012), “Points of attraction” (Another timbre 2013), “Structures” (Creative sources 2014) and “Killing Realism” (Granny records 2015). Moreover, the trio has performed live in different cities such as Bologne, Milan (O gallery), Thessaloniki, Porto (Sonoscopia), Coimbra (Salao Brazil), Skopje (Swiss music days festival), Den Haag (Studio Loos), Athens (Synch festival).