K-Gold Temporary Gallery


Wednesday 08 May - Sunday 12 May
11:00 - 15:00


MOMus – Thessaloniki Museum of Photography,MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts

I Can’t Wait Forever

K-Gold Temporary Gallery

a contemporary art platform

Duration: May 9-13, 2018


In the framework of #SKG Bridges Uprising Art & Culture Festival, K-Gold Temporary Gallery travels for the first time in the city of Thessaloniki and presents the action “Ι Can’t Wait Forever” at the Contemporary Art Center and the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.

It presents a series of new works with common characteristic the sensitivity and the concept of urgency. Three videos and an installation act as communicating containers in a narrative about the identity and body, nature and environment, history and geopolitics of Eastern and Southern Europe.

The artworks reveal the extended effort to understand oneself at an individual and a collective level within both the private and public spheres.


Participating artists:

Daniele Costa, Vangjush Vëllahu, Nikolas Vamvouklis, Korallia Stergides

K-Gold Temporary Gallery is a contemporary art platform based in Lesvos. It activates alternative spaces and offers the opportunity for artists and curators to broaden their research and practice through art assignments, exhibitions, educational programs and other actions that connect closely communities. In 2015, K-Gold Gallery was awarded by the Nantes Creative Generations as an Innovative Initiative for European Citizens.