“Our Inner tragedy”


"Apo ton pempto stiho kiolas Faltsoi"


Friday 10 May - Sunday 12 May
21:15 - 23:30


Small Theatre of Moni Lazariston

“Our Inner tragedy”

(consists of A. a theatrical performance, B. an exhibition of theatrical costumes, C. an exhibition of visual arts and D. a photography exhibition)

Experimental theatre group “Apo ton pempto stiho kiolas Faltsoi”


A. Performance

The show focuses on the passions of heroes / anti-heroes of ancient tragedies. The people are presented without the dual filter of good-evil, neither as a hero-role model nor as a hero-problem, but as people who suffer. People whose intersection is their passions and loneliness. Loneliness that is not a product of social or emotional exclusion, but which is inextricably linked to the human nature. To our nature. “I’m alone, because I think alone.”

* The texts of the performance – myths:

The myths presented in the performance are related to the myths of Medea (and Jason), Ajax, Bacchae (Cadmus, Pentheus, Agave), Philoctetes, Hippolytus (and Phaedra), Aktaion.

Fragments of the following ancient tragedies are used:

Sophocles’ Ajax, Euripides’ Bacchae, Sophocles’ Philoctetes, Euripides’ Hippolytus, Euripides’ Medea

While extracts are also used of unsaved tragedies, books that describe some of the myths above and later tragedies based on ancient writers. Specifically:

Salaminai by Aeschylus (excerpt for Ajax), Toxotides by Aeschylus (excerpt for Aktaion), Philoctetes by Aeschylus (excerpt for Philoctetes), Argonautica by Apollonius Rhodius (excerpt for Medea-Jason), Dionysiaka by Nonnus (excerpts for Pentheus and Aktaion), Metamorphoses by Ovid (excerpt for Aktaion), Phaedra by Seneca, Phèdre by Racine, Médée by Anouilh.


Cast and Crew:


Yiannis Didaskalou

Assistant director:

Marianna Rantou

Music Arrangement:

Giorgos Chrysikos


Alexandros Goudtinakis & Yiannis Didaskalou


Stavros Moschis & Yiannis Didaskalou

Set Design:

The group

Costume Design:

Natalia Palantza


Chara Yiota, Kostis Kapellidis, Kyriaki Karaiskou, Marina Kolokouri, Nikos Milias, Stavros Moschis, Niki Rousomani, Georgia Skorda, Dorina Tahirai, Giorgos Christoforidis, Anneta Chrysidou

Photography/Film Direction:

Yannis Konstantinidis

Production Coordinator:

Marina Kolokouri

B. Exhibition of theatrical costume: “The sides of the tragic in the theatrical costume”

It is an exhibition of theatrical costumes and costume design of students of the Department of Theatre of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (direction of costumes) based on the approach of the tragic element. The source of inspiration is the ancient drama and myth, but also the everyday life and personal experiences of the participants, according to the objectives of the project “Our Inner Tragedy” by the Experimental Theatre Group “Apo ton pempto stiho kiolas Faltsoi”. Therefore, costume designs will be presented in the form of drawings, mock-ups, costumes, special constructions, photographs and videos that refer not only to mythical figures, heroes and gods, but also to a subjective interpretation of the tragic.

Foyer of the Theatre of Moni Lazariston, opening of exhibition area 19.30


The exhibition presents material from the diploma thesis “The Thread” of the students Athanasia Lazou and Stamatia Sapatori.

Participants are:

Alexia Vousvoura, Chara Georgaki, Maria Evangelopoulou, Zoe Katsarea, Petri Karadimitriou, Maria Kyriazidou, Aliki Spanoudaki, Eva Kourelia, Marina Konstantinidou, Athanasia Lazou, Stella Mina, Maria Mitrouli, Konstantina Batziou, Georgia Pabaka, Ino Pikioni, Eleni Sabri, Stamatia Sapatori, Thenia Spyridaki.

Editor of Exhibition: Chryssa Mandaka, Assistant Professor of Stage and Costume Design, Stage Designer, Theatre doctor

Technical Support: Eleni Hassioti, Stergios Proios.

C. Visual Arts Exhibition

“Myths: The Last Depth of the Soul”

These are works by graduates and students of the School of Fine Arts of the Visual Arts department, inspired by the performance “Our Inner Tragedy” and the myths “narrated” in the performance.



Evi Kemerli, Katerina Syka, Nikos Tsikouras, Sophia Mylona

D. Photography Exhibition

Photographs inspired by myths “narrated” in the performance, following an open call to the city’s photographers.



Anna Kontaktsiou, Vasilis Asimakopoulos, Thomas Lioutas, Katerina Theodorou, Meni Seiridou