“Litany for Amplified Voices”


miss dialectic


Wednesday 08 May
21:00 - 22:00


Church of St. Antonios

“Litany for Amplified Voices”

miss dialectic

The starting point of the “Litany for Amplified Voices” is the history of the site of Agios Antonios, patron saint of the mentally ill. The site served as the first mental health asylum of Thessaloniki. From the heavy burden of this location, contemporary visual artists Andreas Ragnar Kasapis and Nektarios Pappas, responded to an invitation to create in situ sound installations that converse with the memory and history of the place.

Visuals and soundscapes of different origins and references embrace the neighboring buildings and activate psychotropic processes in an attempt to reconcile past and present, memory and its’ disturbances. At the same time, their work hopes to act as a commentary on the loneliness and hardship of the mentally ill and the taboos that even today, keep them marginalized.



miss dialectic, concept and production

Miss dialectic was founded in 2018 in Athens by Eleanna Papathanasiadi, Kelly Tsipni-Kolaza, Evita Tsokanta and Klea Charitou. Miss dialectic is an art operator that aims to support artistic and curatorial research with a strong focus on education and the production of new work through interdisciplinary collaborations.

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Nektarios Pappas, visual artist

Nektarios Pappas was born in 1972 in Athens. From 1996 to 2010 was the manager of a record shop called Vinyl Microstore. Vinyl Microstore was the breeding ground for the record label Pop Art Records, Yuria Festival for independent music and film, the internet radio station VM and VM Foundation. Since 2014, he is studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts with Zafos Xagorakis. His work examines the framework of sound installations and his practice aims to create “logical inconsistencies” in public space. Pappas’s sound installations consist of detachable parts and bear strong political connotations. He has presented his work in various group exhibitions in Athens and abroad: Art en Route (Crete, 2018), Kafeneion | Sinantisis (Belgium, 2018), Keep on Keeping on (Athens, 2017) among others. Pappas lives and works in Athens.

Andreas Kasapis, visual artist

Andreas Ragnar Kassapis was born in 1981 in Athens. He studied at the School of Fine Arts (ASKT). He works across various media such as painting, text, sound and photography. The concept of “mnemonic tinge” plays a dominant role in the translation process from one medium to another. Kassapis has presented his work in four solo exhibitions in Athens: Breakwater (Athens, 2015), How can one remember the thirst? (Athens, 2011), Bones are tight (Athens, 2008), Numb (Athens, 2006). He has participated in various group exhibitions, including documenta14 Learning from Athens (Athens, Kassel, 2017), Reverb, New Art from Greece (Boston, 2014), Hell as Pavilion (Paris, 2013), Athens Biennale Heaven (Athens, 2009), Anathena (Athens, 2006). Kassapis lives and works in Athens.