State Conservatory Improvisation Group–Masks and faces, «Faces in a circle»


State Conservatory Improvisation Group–Masks and faces


Wednesday 08 May


Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies

State Conservatory Improvisation Group–Masks and faces, «Faces in a circle»

Musicians: Akrivi Erkekoglou, Marianthi Erkekoglou, Maria Karamouza, Eliza Teli, Vassiliki Frangou, Despoina Charitopoulou


Group description

The improvisation team was originally created in the framework of the 3rd and the 4th “lessons otherwise” forum, an alternative platform for the music education process organized by the State Conservatory for the last five years. The group was set up within this framework and its aim is to broaden the creative and artistic boundaries of the participants to new directions. Each member of the group collaborates contributing to his personal musical perception and using materials such as speech and movement we compose a stage a narrative that contains our common artistic “world”

Under the artistic supervision: Sofia Karakantza – Lola Totsiou


Masks and Faces – Faces in a circle

The stage improvisation we will present was developed by the group’s need to confront the “big narrations”.

Our feeling was that we needed a story of cosmogony to find through this our trace in today that is connected inexplicably with something very old. Therefore we got involved with Epictales  consideringthem theas the sign of the collective unconsciousness of the peoplewho created them and the beginning of the small and big stories we still tell, and we called them our own “cosmogony”.

Following the path of conciousness and personal way to be charmed, we cleared fragments of Hesiod’s Theogony, The Homer’s Neckia, The Epic of Kalevala from Finland, The Epic of Mahbraatta from India, Apollo and Daphne from the Transformations of Ovid , trying to listen to their little moments that fascinate us and through this process to reformulate the archetypal questions of the human species, “Who am I, where do I come from?”

Sofia Karakantza, director-artistic director of tshe group MavrosHantzos (Βlack Hook)

She studied directing and creative writing in Great Britain.

She worked at NTUA (1991-1998) as a director and professor of the Dramatic School. She worked as an assistant director next to V. Papavassiliou, M. Langhoff, M. Marmarino, A. Voutsina, E. Gavrielidis, D. Chronopoulos, S. Tsakiris, K. Kazakos. She directed the performances: “Common Logic” by G. Maniotis (1994) and “Alice in the Wonderland” by L. Carroll (KTHTSHE 1996).

She worked for G. Kaimakis (1995-2002) as a director, in performances that took place in Greece, Belgium and Germany.

She collaborated with the artistic company DameBlanche (2002-2007) as a director and lighting designer.

With Black Hook from 2006 to present she has directed a number of performances among them VassilisAmanatidis’s Basilica at the Contemporary Art Center of the State Museum of Contemporary Art, Waiting for your Hal Salwen “Theater Outside the Walls”, Summer Night Dream Shakespeare, Good Man of Saint-Chan by B. Bright, Variations (on a subject unmodified) by Elias Papamoschou, EGOGRAPHY, The geography of Other by Dimitris Dimitriadis, Motsher_poem by VassilisAmanatidisΕΛΛΗΝΙΣΜΟΣτουΒασίληΑμανατίδη SHOW CASE D. stepmother

As an Artistic Director, she organized and performed the 1st and 2nd Roma Festival in the White Tower area in September 2013 and 2014 for the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

She taught at the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia.

She teaches Andreas Voutsinas at the School of Dramatic Art and the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.