“Midnight Express”


Chara Tzoka, Stavros Tsitsopoulos & Dj Thomas Numan (Synthetic) & Designer (Chicness)


Saturday 11 May
23:59 - 04:00


Railway Station OSE

Midnight Express 


Performance “Scaffold”

By Marianna Lianou

 Milvo: What is this? Bubo: What? Milvo: This. Bubo: Which one? Milvo: The… Bubo: The scaffold? Milvo: That. Bubo: Yes, what? Milvo: A scaffold! Bubo: Yes, there is a scaffold.

Arriving outside the library as agreed one afternoon, almost determined to break into the library so as to steal a priceless manuscript and sell it, they face an unexpected obstacle. The Scaffold.

A scaffold is set in the entrance of the building. One of them is so superstitious that in the sight of the scaffold, he freezes. He cannot enter.

They are both eager to start a new life, so they keep searching for alternative ways of entering the building.

Meanwhile, and in the process of their target, they meet every afternoon in their spot, in front of the library. The come and go, believing every single day, that this is the day their life is going to start over.

They try, and they fail and then they try again and they fail better.

Until, one afternoon, they meet at the doorstep of their library and the scaffold is gone. It was removed the same way it was placed, unexpectedly.

*In Greece, walking under a scaffold may be considered an incidence of bad luck, such as encountering a black cat.
**Scaffold is a literal translation of the word “Σκαλωσιά”. But in Greek the same word means the moment when your mind hangs on something and can’t go past it.



Playwright: Marianna Lianou

Directing: Marianna Lianou, Anna Chanioti

Set design: Tina Tzoka

Sound design: FasmaTwist

Song composition: Despoinis Trichromi

Photos: Anastasia Giannaki

Artwork: Giorgos Gousis

Cast: Chara Tzoka, Stavros Tsitsopoulos


Midnight Express

Electronic music party

Dj Thomas Numan (Synthetic) & Designer (Chicness)

O.S.E. Train Station

(main entrance)

01.45 – 04.00