“Miroloi – Mourning, funeral song for the dead and immigrants”


Stathis Mitsios


Wednesday 08 May - Sunday 12 May
20:30 - 00:00


Pier A' (Port of Thessaloniki)


Mourning, funeral song for the dead and immigrants

3D projection mapping installation on building surface at the Port of Thessaloniki

Stathis Mitsios: Concept, design, sound mixing, 3D projection mapping, direction

Christina Georgiou: Electronic sound, digital soundscape

Konstantis Pistiolis: Clarinet

MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts


Based on the concept and philosophy of the 2nd #SKG Bridges Festival, Stathis Mitsios’ audiovisual installation combines technology and 3-dimensional video-projections with music and images of the peoples of the Mediterranean and the Balkans. Boarders and dividing lines are voided through the activation of “the common language” of music, as well as, through the expressive and communicative language of art. The audiovisual projection consists of a multidimensional 3D, 2D animation and musical complex. The projection develops on the surface of the building and interacts with its architectural elements offering to the public a unique experience with strong emotional background.



Stathis Mitsios

Stathis Mitsios completed interior and graphic design studies focusing on “light” and “moving image”. He is a contemporary spectacle designer who integrates video into the stage creating virtual environments and complex lighting conditions via 3D video mapping. He has collaborated with organizations, institutions and public sectors such as National Theater of Northern Greece, National Theater of Greece, National Greek Opera, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, the 8th Ephorate of Byzantine monuments, the municipality of Ioannina, AUTH, as well as, with artists, directors, music groups and festival organizers and has worked as set designer, visualiser, filmmaker and graphic designer creating films, short films, promotional videos, visual-video installations, theatrical performances, etc. Through the use of 3D projection mapping has intervened in numerous outdoor venues, as well as, in important historical and archaeological sites such as the Herod Atticus Conservatory and the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus.

Film shots from Edomeni, Lesvos, Port of Piraeus, Syntagma Square and mass mobilizations are courtesy by the ‘’Greek Chronicle Project’’ www.greekchroniclearchive.com.

The ‘’Greek Chronicle Project’’ is a data base of audiovisual documents (videos and photographs) on Greek and immigration crisis of the period 2011-2016 organized by director and filmmaker Zafiris Haitidis.

Program curators:

Yannis Bolis- Domna Gounari, art curators MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts