MusicShowcase of Greece goes SKG Bridges festival 2019




Sunday 12 May
17:00 - 00:00


"WE" - A Sports and Culture Facility

“MusicShowcase of Greece goes SKG Bridges festival 2019”

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Cheek By Jowl

Genres Funk Rock

Cheek By Jowl is a funk/pop/rock with sounds influenced by the international pop music scene. They were formed in Thessaloniki in 2015 and since then they have performed many lives in stages in Thessaloniki (Koza Mostra, Blues Wire, Stella) and Athens (Schoolwave). On September of 2016 they released their first EP and afterwards their first single “Old Man Goes Funk” with a video clip. On November 2018 they played at the first Music Showcase Greece. Right now they are in the middle of recording their first album.

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Genres Electronic

M.A.T.E. is a three-member band (live electronics, vocals, live drumming) based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Τheir compositions are a meeting of analog and digital sound, where vocals, synthesizers and samples react to the beat of an acoustic drum set with an electronic feel, based on the last decade’s dub, drum’n’bass, trip hop and dubstep sounds. Their discography already counts two self-released albums, “Meetings Along the Edge” (2013) and “Transitions” (2016), recorded and produced in EDGE studio.

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Genres Indie rock, Post Punk

Were formed back in the summer of 2003 in Thessaloniki. Their sound was originally influenced by the American indie punk scene and this was reflected on their first titular release (Mary’s flower Superhead, Polytropon records) in 2006. Four years later, they went on to release SWAY (Archangel records, 2010). They had a dynamic presence at the Europavox festival (Clermont Ferrand, France) in 2010, and extensive tours in the Balkans and Greece. Two years later they release the album Digesting the Animal (Polytropon records, 2012). Their new album is “Wealth” (Inner Ear Records, 2018).

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Genres Electronic 

An allencompassing art project which flourished in Los Angeles and Ibiza, but has its roots in Athens. The project is an attempt to decipher and embrace chaos, drawing inspiration from Greek mythology and cosmos. A cinematic dark soundscape with heavily layered electronic sounds married with traditional instruments like the santour. IOTAPHI opened for Muse at the Ejekt Festival in Athens. The debut EP “Kloudland” is out now, with the track Hypertopos produced by Daniel Heath.

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WE Garden


Designer, Producer & Art Director Founder member of the Greek diligent duo 9west, Tikis has effectively spent his last fifteen years either mixing or producing, sometimes doing both while performing live. A most acclaimed underground Dj, his sets feature darkish & moody but always cutting-edge music from across the tech to house spectrum. With his 9west outfit he released on industry powerhouses Dessous, Liebe*Detail,Nite Groove,

King Street records & Klik with his first album. After years of conceiving and delivering sets for diverse crowds in Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt, Lausanne,

Moscow and Mexico City and others such a places, Tikis is back in the studio to produce solo music. He has worked with Steve Bug, Nicola Gala, Kruse & Nuernberg, AlexKid and Uglh with some remixes. As very few can claim his instinct for sound that is tried and tested over the years across multiple platforms and audiences, some very exciting things will surely be coming along.

Tall F


Nicola Regulus