“Painting the Music”


School of Fine Arts of the University of Granada (Spain) in collaboration with the Aloha Moloha - Takanaka Takavaka


Thursday 09 May
20:30 - 22:30


Teloglion Foundation of Arts AUTh (Amphitheater)

“Painting the Music”

School of Fine Arts of the University of Granada (Spain) in collaboration with the Aloha Moloha – Takanaka Takavaka

Visitors will have the opportunity to attend an original “visual music” happening in which seven visual artists from the School of Fine Arts of the University of Granada improvise on stage creating a moving visual equivalent during a concert of the Aloha-Moloha / Takanaka Takavaka musical ensemble. The artists, under the guidance of coordinators, play improvisatory with different materials on slide projectors. The visual equivalent is projected onto the screen on stage along with the musicians. Digital materials will converse with physical materials of different textures, shapes and colors in a dialogue between music and visual expression. The action starts with the first note of the concert and ends with the last. The audience enjoys the result of the action that is being created on the spot. The rhythm of alternating projectors, the sequence of different shapes and colours, and the variety of artistic gestures is intended to be the visual equivalent of the musical events happening on stage.

The action is a contemporary version of the Tape Music Center’s light shows in San Francisco in the 1960s, which aspired to link music with light art, improvisation, and abstract cinema to an experimental environment that included multiple on-stage actions, such as painting, projection effects and editing, for visual synchronization with the music and the parallel creation of a painting over time, according to Tony Martin, Head of visual effects.

The happening that the visitors will attend at Teloglion takes place successfully every year at the Cadiz Festival of Music in Spain and is the first time that will be presented to the Greek audience.


Professor Ricardo Marin Viadel
Professor Asuncion Jodar Minarro
Maria Rita Clement
Manuel Perez Valero
Francisco Javier Martinez Cano
Alicia Arias Camison Coello
Paula De La Fuente Atienza

Aloha Moloha Music – Takanaka Takavaka

(George Milossis – Keys, Konstantinos Velenis – drums, Alexandros Papageorgopoulos – clarinet, electronics, Tilemachos Roudniklis – electric guitar, electronics)


Dr Themis Veleni, Art Historian – Musician