Performance [9]


Myrto Petrochilou


Wednesday 08 May
22:00 - 22:30


Studio Vis Motrix

Performance [9]

Myrto Petrochilou

Transformations occur when we take and give space and time

An object in a constant conversion process reacts to the white monotony of the visual scene and shifts between defined and undefined forms, to shape a reality that incites new processes; a reality made up of everything that has ever happened and any feeling has ever being felt – or denied.

Nothing new occurs until the necessary endings take place. Endings that serve the purposes of a new beginning.

Wolfgang Iser “In order to produce the non-real figure, the actor must become unreal, transforming his real body into something, so as to give the opportunity to an unrealistic form to be revealed”.


Concept\ Performer:

Myrto Petrochilou

Music composition & performance:

Dafni Tsiouni


Anthony Mathieu

Light design \ visual artist:

Konstantinos Pavlidis

Special thanks to Cafe de las Artes Teatro for their support

Duration: 30’