Empathetic Body: baths of a future paradise


FTIJs group feat. JGD Anna Papathanasiou (GR/CAN) & Inga Galinytè (LTU) / Dimitris Papadatos (GR)


Sunday 12 May
19:00 - 22:00


Bey Hamam (Paradise Baths)

Empathetic Body: baths of a future paradise

FTIJs group feat. JGD

Anna Papathanasiou (GR/CAN) & Inga Galinytè (LTU) / Dimitris Papadatos (GR)

“Empathetic Body: baths of a future paradise” creates a new universe, resembling a bruise, metaphorically and literally, within the structure of the monument involving motion, sound and light design. The impression of the performance is that of travelers coming back from the future, creating and presenting a new gender and border neutral vocabulary. Creating a new perception of time passing while letting the audience navigate their way amongst the performers and reflect on them as if they were to become part of the storytelling by being introduced to a new code of communication of the collective trauma.


Duration 1 hour (*2)

Hours: 19:00-20:00 & 21:00-22:00



FTIJs group feat. JGD

Anna Papathanasiou (GR/CAN) & Inga Galinytè (LTU) / Dimitris Papadatos (GR)


Christian Petru (RO) light design

Petros Chytiris (GR) documentation and production coordination




CV FTIJs group

Anna & Inga met for the first time at the Watermill center under the direction of Robert Wilson in New York, USA, 2018. Their artistic vocabularies present a common ground which is the duality within the self. The core meaning behind their common artistic practice is the contemplation upon the idea of building a ‘collective ego’. ‘How can we create a non-grounded place that would give us a sense of stability when at the same time provide us with the freedom to travel and enjoy the unknown without leaving us mentally beaten?’ They came up with the idea of creating a common sacred place that is not defined by geographical coordinates but instead by an invisible mental and emotional cord that can function as an exercise of creating referential points within the general concept of impermanence. That might be possible by remaining present, committed and connected in a preordained way. They have participated in the Architectural Biennale of Venice representing Lithuania at the Swamp Pavilion in 2018, La Biennale di Venezzia, Venice Italy. They are participating in the Kaunas Biennale in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2019 and also in #SKG Bridges Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Dimitris Papadatos is a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens Greece.

The main concern in his work is an apposition of disparate elements that assume a re-appropriation of historically applied methodologies while questioning forms of empowering them. The biggest body of his work reflects issues as copyright, spirituality and originality, undergoing a constant state of transfiguration of its outsourcing.

His project, Jay Glass Dubs, is an exercise of style focusing on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form.
His work has been presented in various international institutions and festivals from Berlin Atonal, Meakusma Festival,  documenta14 and  the Transmediale while he has performed in venues and spaces such as Macao in Milan, Portikus in Frankfurt, Kraftwerk, HKW in Berlin, Cafe OTO, Corsica Studios in London to name a few