“Sounds of Olympou Street To Pikap Records”


Tengu Ni Naru, Oldman Talkin, Totsouko, Α. Σ. EMDY (An. Kokkinidis and Ath. Sideris), Raj Pannu, RETE (Savvas Metaxas and Vassilis Liolios), “Tsekouri Prioni Katsavidi” (P. Ignatiadis, I. Christaki and D. Tsiougko)


Friday 10 May - Sunday 12 May


MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts

Sounds of Olympou Street

To Pikap Records, Tengu Ni Naru, Oldman Talkin, Totsouko, Α. Σ. EMDY (An. Kokkinidis and Ath. Sideris), Raj Pannu, RETE (Savvas Metaxas and Vassilis Liolios), “Tsekouri Prioni Katsavidi” (P. Ignatiadis, I. Christaki and D. Tsiougko)

MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts


To Pikap is an artistically oriented multi-site venue in the center of Thessaloniki (57, Olympou Str.), managed by a team of five associates. One of the team’s activities is the release of vinyl music records: To Pikap Records. The music collection under the title Sounds of Olympou Street represents the latest record label release. It is an anthology of experimental electronic, electroacoustic and improvised music, by artists, who are active in Thessaloniki. In the framework of the 2nd SKG Bridges Festival, participating artists will perform their musical compositions at MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts. Prior to live concerts, the artists will present and demonstrate to the public technical equipment and various ways of production and synthesis. The aim of this two-sided performance is to familiarize the public with the means and ways of creating and producing contemporary music. Visitors will have the chance to receive free cd copies of the project.



Friday 10 May 2019 21:00

Tengu Ni Naru

Adam Siagas (M.A.t.E) is the creator of Tengu Ni Naru music project. He uses analogue synths, programming, samples and live fx synths to compose abstract beats. Ηe transmutes different kinds of hip-hop acapellas and combines trip hop music with traditional sounds from all over the world.

Oldman Talkin’

Oldman Talkin’s music compositions are based on sampling technique. The combination of prerecorded samples form an audio puzzle which is enriched by drum machines and melodies from synthesizers, all of which are invested with abundant fx sounds.


Totsouko appears in its physical form mainly in the region of southern Balkans. He is a courier. He usually carries bags with vinyls, consoles, synthesizers, samplers and various effects. He spends his time pushing buttons, turning potentiometers, unplugging cables and walking from pub to bar and café to tavern. The sound result: sample based, downtempo electronica, with hip-hop beats and analogue synths sounds.

Saturday 11 May 2019 21:00

Raj Pannu

Raj Pannu is a British DJ and music producer who the last years reside in Thessaloniki. His oeuvre focuses on the creation of ambient, hazy and repetitive rhythms, rich in bass sounds as well as in intense and detailed processing of samples and drums. Music influences in his compositions span from LFO to Company Flow and from Plastikman to NHK. His productions could be compared, among others, to those by Photek, Hessle Recordings, Whities, A Forest Drive West and Skee Mask.


Free improvisation by Anastasios Kokkinidis and Athanasios Sideris.

Sunday 12 May 2019 21:00


RETE consists of Savvas Metaxas (Inverz / Good Luck Mr. Gorsky) and Vassilis Liolios (Eventless Plot). Engaging modular synthesizers, field recordings, objects and sounds from drum surfaces and cymbals, they research on connections between silence and volume, rhythmic and arrhythmic, aiming to the creation of electroacoustic semi-compositions.

Tsekouri Prioni Katsavidi

Tsekouri Prioni Katsavidi is a musical trio which consists of P. Ignatiadis, I. Christaki and D. Tsiougko. Their music compositions are the result of an ambient/dub/noise soundscape based primarily on improvisation and secondarily on synthesis. In the creational process they use mainly electronic means such as samplers, synths, electronic percussion and effect units with the contribution of some acoustics (percussion, gongs and piano).

Program curators:

Yannis Bolis-Domna Gounari, art curators MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts & Dimitris Aggelis, To Pikap

Poster design of the event:

Kosmas Sidiropoulos