‘The EXOSIS Project’


NOVAN Theater Group


Thursday 09 May
18:15 - 20:15


Garden of Seasons, Garden of Water, Garden of Sound - Nea Paralia

‘The EXOSIS Project’

NOVAN Theater Group

The EXOSIS project is a ‘live installation’ of three groups of artists, who out of necessity decide to bring their rehearsal, preparation and creativity to public spaces!

A singer accompanied by her violinist and pianist, two actors trying to approach monologues with the accompaniment of a trombone and percussion elements, a dancer improvising on live drum and bass music … are rehearsing in gardens of the N. Paralia. They carry with them pieces from their home and their personal lives! Since creativity is threatened with eviction… let’s bring everything out in the open!

The performances all start at the same time and will be repeated for a total of three times (18:15 ll 19:15 ll 20:15).



Concept – Director :

Lena Petropoulou


Basilis Kanellopoulos, Petros Maliaras, Dimitra Stamatiou, Carolina Riga


Gilles Drag, Bruno Semanjaku, Alexandros Iosifidis, Marianna Dinou

Sound crew:

Alexandros Karotseris, Philippos Poppos

Special thanks to Tasos Papadopoulos