The Nostalgia Project


Push Your Art Company


Thursday 09 May
21:00 - 21:45


Warehouse C (Port of Thessaloniki)

The nostalgia project

Push Your Art Company

“To get on a boat, right now … to go over there”. She kept saying over there, and she meant her homeland…”

The inspiration for The nostalgia project by Push Your Art Company came from the short story The Nostalgic Woman by Alexandros Papadiamantis. Lialio, the central character of the story, is unable to adapt to her new life and she is feeling nostalgic for her homeland. So she starts a journey of initiation and she must choose between going back to her homeland or starting a new life with her husband, going back to the innocent childhood or embracing the adult life.

In a visual art installation at the warehouse C, two performers, one dancer and one musician, liven up the loneliness, the pain, the universal need for returning home. What is homeland anyway? What power attracts us to it?


Kiki Strataki, Petros Fragopoulos


Anthi Grammatikopoulou

Visual art installation:

Petros Fragopoulos

Light design:

Polivios Serdaris

Production manager:

Yiorgos Gkiatas, Civil Engineer

Performed by Evanthia Sofronidou