The musical mosaic of Thessaloniki – Symphonic performance


Thessaloniki State Conservatory Orchestra of Teenagers


Sunday 12 May
20:30 - 21:30


State Conservatory of Thessaloniki

The musical mosaic of Thessaloniki – Symphonic performance

Thessaloniki State Conservatory Orchestra of Teenagers



  • Joseph Haydn (1732 -1809)

Overture from the operaIl mondo della luna“, Hob. 28:7  (1777) [duration 7:00]


  • Dimitris Themelis (1931-2017) 

Suite for small orchestraBalkan Suite(composed by commission of the T.S.C. Orchestra of Teenagers, 2007) [duration 8:30]

  1. Albanian Dance
  2. Bulgarian Tune
  3. Rumanian Tune
  4. Cretean Dance
  5. Reaping Song
  6. DanceRomeka
  • Sergei Aslamazyan (1897-1978)

Three traditional Armenian songs for orchestra, orchestrated by Dimosthenis Fotiadis [duration 6:00]

  1. Festive Song
  2. Song of the Little Partidge
  3. Echmiadzin Dance
  • Erol Sekeranber (1939)

Izmir – The Colors of the Aegean Pearl [duration 10:00]

  • Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953)

Overture on Hebrew themes, for orchestra Op. 34b (1934) [duration 9:00]


Thessaloniki State Conservatory Orchestra of Teenagers

The SCoT Teenage Orchestra was created in 2001 and is the first teenage orchestra of the country with a serious and continuous artistic and educational presence. The orchestra’s conductor is Dimosthenis Fotiadis. It is consisted of about forty students, most of them being junior and senior high school students. It is one of the most active ensembles of the SCoT with a very successful presence in the artistic activities of the conservatory, the educational programs, and in many important collaborations with other cultural and educational institutions, participation in concerts abroad, conducting music competitions, collaboration with Greek composers, recordings and video recordings for the radio and TV stations, etc.

Dimosthenis Fotiadis studied viola, musical theory and orchestra conducting at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, and continued his studies at the Hochschule fürMusik in Münster. He graduated with honors from the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia. He is a member of the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, a founding member of ANIMUS Quartet, all the while he teaches viola and chamber music.

Music Director

  • Dimosthenis Fotiadis


  • Evgenia Zavrakidou
  • Athanasios Kyparos
  • SamouilKafantaris
  • FotiniKoukkidou
  • PanagiotaLioliou
  • PhilipposKladas
  • Stavros Samaras
  • AikateriniKoultzi
  • Christina Mavridou
  • Konstantina Petridou
  • Anastasia Pettikou
  • Anna Hatzigeorgiou
  • ZisisKatsaros
  • Grigorios Fotiadis


  • Tamara Mouratidou
  • Theodora Voutiri
  • Margarita Petridou


  • Georgia Michalaki
  • Evripidis Samaras
  • Konstantinos Petridis
  • Anna Manthou
  • Melina Economidou
  • VassilikiRousomani
  • Kyriakos Ioannidis


  • FrangiskosKokovlis


  • Theodora Kyriklidou
  • Sophia Iakovidou


  • IoannisLazopoulos
  • Giorgos Poulianitis


  • Giorgos Maronidis
  • Alexandros Mavromatis


  • Christos Anagnostopoulos
  • Kyriakos Nikolaou


  • Katerina Netska
  • Antonis Zeltsis


  • Dimitris Netskas
  • Orestis Lagousis


  • Vasiliki Tzimapiti


  • Irini Laryngaki