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Launching of collaboration between #SKG Bridges Festival and the Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) Life Events

Update of the collaboration

The 2nd SKG Bridges Uprising Art & Culture Festival is pleased to formalize the commencement of collaboration with the Social Cooperative Enterprise Life-Events, based in the city of Thessaloniki, for the planning and implementation of the organization’s communication strategy.With this assignment, the new cultural institution declares its support to the functioning of the SCE as a corporate structure, since it is the only type of institution that, by its constitution, agrees to reciprocal actions of great importance within the community framework, in which it operates, as well as being governed by the principles of social and solidarity economy.Life-Events is a SCE that is made up of professionals from  journalism, culture, marketing and audiovisual sectors with well-staffed and experienced technical production department fully equipped to carry out the promotion of the projects of the Festival with great success.

The coordination team of SKG Bridges Uprising Art & Culture