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Open call for participation in the action “FROM THE TERMINAL TO THE STARTING POINT”

Open call for participation in the action FROM THE TERMINAL TO THE STARTING POINT by ASFA student Constantinos Mouchtaridis in the framework of the open workshop We are all vulnerable: Inventing and sharing practices of care and attention” with students from the Research Methodology seminar “The disavowed spectator”, supervised by Christina Sgouromiti, Athens School of Fine Arts and from the master’s seminar “Ways of doing, modes of acting” conducted by Vanessa Theodoropoulou at the School of Fine arts of Angers (Ecole supérieure d’art et design TALM-Angers, France)

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 May, 2018

CACT, Warehouse B1, Thessaloniki port area

During the open workshops, visitors are invited to submit testaments of their move (tickets or notes in paper) to the event’s space. Visitors have to write down the starting point of the route they traveled to arrive at the harbor and leave them to a special box that will be placed at the space.

Ι, finally, intent to accompany them on the reversed route (“From the terminal to the starting point”). We will get into process of bring forth audiovisual material for instant recording of impulses that attracts our attention, interest or impression (words or phrases we hear, sounds, images of “exterior space from the inside”), by using recordings, cameras, smartphones and whatever else we have.

Coordination: Christina Sgouromiti, Vanessa Theodoropoulou

Invited artist: Myriam Lefkowitz*

Students: Beth Gordon, Lila Retif, Cathie Bagoris, Joanna Rouillon-Delecroix,  Tiffany Le-devore,  Anastasia Simonnin (Angers), Eliza Krikoni, Konstantinos Mouchtaridis, Marianna Stefanitsi, Angeliki Tourkochoriti, Christina Zacharaki (ASFA)

To participate, please, call

2310593270 (Ms Eleni Stergiou, CACT) between 11:00 & 16:00

Participation is free of cost